Celebrating a leader’s commitment to education

December 11, 2015

LAU held its fourth annual Fundraising Gala Dinner on December 10, honoring longtime friend and supporter Adnan Kassar, president and chairman of Fransabank.

Hosted at the Phoenicia Hotel, the event paid special recognition to Kassar’s generous gift of $10 million toward the naming of the Adnan Kassar School of Business.

“President Kassar, you are an example. You are a role model for all of us, and we thank you for that,” said Joseph G. Jabbra, president of LAU, in his welcoming remarks.

Donor support enhancing student experience in the Civil Engineering Program

May 27, 2015

For the eighth consecutive year, LAU’s Civil Engineering students have benefited from a range of incentives made available by the Abdallah Yabroudi Civil Engineering Grant. Established in 2009 by the CEO of the Dubai Constructing Company (DCC), the endowment has been broadening student horizons through awards, scholarships and internships that prioritize hands-on training and innovative thinking. “Abdallah Yabroudi is very much interested in contributing to engineering education,” says Dr.

Makhzoumi Foundation Offers Generous Support

May 7, 2015

LAU’s academic collaboration and partnership with Lebanese NGO the Makhzoumi Foundation was sealed this week with the signing of a contractual agreement. Students from LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine (SOM) will benefit from the facilities, equipment, services, and personnel of the outpatient health care provider, offering care to their patients and gaining the experience necessary as part of their education.

Maintaining a culture of fundraising

April 27, 2015

The ongoing global economic instability has seen philanthropic capital in higher education decline, prompting university fundraisers to exert more efforts to attract existing funds.

“In a time of economic crisis, fundraising becomes more challenging and one has to be creative and innovative to achieve the desired target,” says Nassib Nasr, assistant vice president for Development at LAU. “This decade is not for education but for innovation,” he adds.

Researching youth and the Arab Spring

May 7, 2014

When Tunisian vegetable seller Mohammed Bouazizi committed suicide in January 2011 following police humiliation, he quickly became a symbol of the Arab world’s disenfranchised youth. His death ignited the so-called “Arab Spring,” with popular protests led by young people quickly sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East.

Three years on, the malaise among Arab youth is yet to be remedied. Recognizing that efforts must be made to better understand the needs of young Arabs, three LAU professors have teamed up with 14 international institutions to research the matter.


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