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LAU Vows to Support Students in Wake of Economic Crisis

With students’ increasing inability to pay tuition fees due to Lebanon’s economic crisis, the university has recently launched the Emergency Financial Aid Fund. Open to deserving current and prospective students, contributions to the fund are being put immediately to use with the aim of supporting those in urgent financial distress, and who are at the greatest risk of dropping out.

“Education is a ray of light in what seems to be our dark night,” reflects LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra in his video testimony on the fund’s webpage, calling for community support. Indeed, a central value at LAU is education’s vital role of driving society forward. As such, and in response to Lebanon’s deteriorating economic climate, where families are struggling to meet rising living costs at the most basic level, LAU has launched this new and important initiative.  

Praising LAU students’ conduct during Lebanon’s mass protests, President Jabbra said, “I am immensely proud of our students — seeing how well they behave, how deeply they think, and how conscientious they are. I find great hope for the future of our country in these young men and women.” Exemplary student behavior can be attributed to LAU’s emphasis on student centeredness, civic engagement, the education of the whole person, and the formation of leaders in a diverse world — key parts of LAU’s mission, which are present in every aspect of the institution’s educational experience.

Always standing by its students, and recognizing that they are Lebanon’s future leaders, LAU is full heartedly pressing forward on its campaign to raise money for the Emergency Aid Fund. Launched publically earlier this week, the university invites friends, supporters, and alumni to contribute and ensure that students’ futures are safeguarded, and, indirectly, the nation’s.

“After all, human capital is the safest way to a secure future and it is in these times that education, which instills the values of ambition, critical thinking, curiosity, and determination, is the most vital propeller of our society,” states Vice President for University Advancement, Dr. George K. Najjar, who spearheaded the emergency campaign.

“I call on you, my dear alumni and friends, to invest in our students, in the future of Lebanon, by making a gift to this emergency fund,” says President Jabbra. “Your participation is absolutely crucial to financially vulnerable students and prospective students, so that they don’t lose their chance to obtain quality education at this pivotal time in their lives,” he continues.

Students interested in applying for Emergency Financial Aid Fund scholarships should refer to the LAU Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. Those who wish to contribute towards the fund can do so online at the Emergency Financial Aid Fund.