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Long-Term Vision Behind New IC and LAU Scholarship Agreement

The International College Alumni Association (ICAA) and LAU are joining forces to provide scholarship opportunities to graduates of International College (IC). This new scholarship agreement, which was signed into effect earlier this month, will give selected IC alumni a full scholarship until graduation with ICAA covering 40 percent of the tuition fees, and LAU the remaining 60 percent.

ICAA was established in 1980 by a group of alumni and works to maintain relationships among IC alumni, while focusing on cultural and social values. The association thrives to retain the IC morale among the community by supporting those in need as well as assisting the school’s development projects.

“We believe that LAU is one of the staples of education and a stepping-stone in our community and shares a like-mindedness when it comes to our vision and mission that is directed toward the collective,” said ICAA Board Member Tarek Houri about choosing LAU for this initiative that will support deserving and economically challenged students starting fall 2019.

Explaining the value of uniting to improve society, Houri commented, “It is of great importance that we collaborate with such a reputable establishment to help further our community and create opportunities in the right places.”

Earlier this month, a special ceremony was held on the university’s Beirut campus to acknowledge the new partnership, and was attended by ICAA and LAU leaders, including ICAA President Karim Baalbaki and LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra, who praised the association for its efforts to improve the community. 

“We are incredibly grateful to ICAA for their support to LAU, and even more thankful for their aim to keep youth in the country so that we can uphold our country’s society, and also ensure that the nation prospers,” said Dr. Jabbra.

By offering an education that is tailored around student centeredness, civic engagement, the advancement of scholarship, the education of the whole person, and the formation of leaders in a diverse world, LAU too shares ICAA’s vision to retain local talent in a bid to help the country flourish.

“ICAA’s ultimate goal of having youth stay in Lebanon and succeed in this country so they can use their talent for the betterment of our nation and community is very much an aspiration of LAU, so we are incredibly proud to be a part of this and forever thankful,” commented LAU Lead Director of Development, Lana Abou Teen.

Eligible candidates for the International College Alumni Association Scholarship will be jointly identified and chosen by ICAA and LAU. For more information, please refer to the LAU Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.