Giving to LAU

Why Give

Nurture Research

LAU is rapidly emerging as a preeminent university in the Arab region. To reach the summit of excellence, however, much more needs to be done to strengthen the university‚Äôs academic artillery. 

A key way to do this is by promoting a culture of research. This is not without its challenges, however: according to the United Nations, the Arab world produces the least amount of research in the world, and grants or funding to conduct research are often hard to come by. Funding for junior faculty members is especially difficult to obtain.

The university wants to address these gaps by establishing a research fund to support our faculty and students and by creating a new Dean of Research position. Donors can create “seed grant” funds for junior faculty members with donations of $10,000 or more, or named research endowments with gifts of $200,000. LAU will also be establishing dozens of endowed chair positions across its schools and institutes to attract globally renowned scholars to nurture research excellence at LAU.

In an era defined by knowledge creation and dissemination, the stature of a university is measured largely by its contribution to international research. With greater support for homegrown research, donors can ensure that LAU student and faculty ideas are encouraged, harnessed and shared with the global community. Only a robust research program can propel LAU to the higher levels of excellence it aspires to.