Giving to LAU


IASSG Partners with LAU for Scholarships

LAU signed an agreement with the Islamic Association for Specialization and Scientific Guidance (IASSG) in October to support ten scholarship students.

Following a signing ceremony with the association’s president Jamil Ibrahim, LAU President Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra hosted several IASSG officials to thank them for their support. “We are here today at LAU because of one American lady’s dedication to serving others,” he said in reference to Sarah Huntington Smith, who in 1836 established the Ottoman Empire’s first school for girls, the Beirut Female Academy. The school evolved into the American School for Girls and underwent several identity changes before its final transformation into LAU in 1994. “Smith’s virtuous actions led to today’s LAU, a university with over 8,000 students across seven schools and two campuses.”

Jabbra expressed his hope that the partnership with IASSG would benefit Lebanese society as a whole. “The IASSG has made a very generous donation to award scholarships to needy and deserving students.  I look forward to working together to ensure students have the opportunity to obtain an excellent education. Our cooperation will not only help those students succeed in their own lives but will also ensure a better future for Lebanon.”

IASSG Secretary-General Abdul Aziz Soueidan said the association was “extremely pleased” to partner with LAU. “The IASSG is giving students the opportunity to gain the skills needed to transform them into leaders for their country,” he said. The scholarships are intended for those dedicated to serving Lebanon, the region and other people, he added. Soueidan also thanked MP and IASSG board member Yassin Jaber, calling him the “godfather of the agreement”.

IASSG, a non-governmental organization that promotes the advancement of science and culture, is one of LAU’s many invaluable scholarships partners. With their help, LAU is able to continually enhance its  financial aid packages to ensure the best and brightest students obtain educations worthy of their academic abilities. IASSG, whose honorary president is Lebanese parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berri, has provided financial assistance to 2,500 students across Lebanon, including 45 PhD graduates from a number of European and North American countries.