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Association for Specialization and Scientific Guidance Increases Scholarship Offerings

Several new scholarships will become available starting fall 2019 thanks to the Association for Specialization and Scientific Guidance’s newest agreement with the university, which was initiated earlier this month at a signing ceremony.

Since 2010, the local nonprofit organization has provided economically challenged LAU students with scholarships covering half of their tuition, with the university covering the remainder. However, after nearly a decade of collaborating with the university to provide youth with unparalleled educational opportunities, ASSG is committing even further to officially increase their scholarships to benefit more students.

“ASSG has paved my educational path by helping me overcome my financial burdens,” says current ASSG scholarship recipient Nour Chartouni, who is studying civil engineering and intends to graduate in spring 2020.

Her educational path involves keeping up her grades to secure her scholarship throughout her time at LAU, which Chartouni says is an added benefit.

“Being a full scholarship student is a responsibility that inspires me to not only maintain my scholarship, but exceed expectations, which has led me to perform far better in my courses than I could have ever imagined,” added Chartouni, who has plans to later earn a master’s degree, and, ultimately, contribute to building sustainable cities.   

The ceremony for the agreement signing took place on the Beirut campus and gathered several leaders from LAU and ASSG, as well as prominent supporters of the association.

“We are very proud of our association’s special relationship with LAU, and praise the university and its president for the quantum leap it has made to become an educational powerhouse in the region,” said Ali Ismail, Vice President of ASSG, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in October.

LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra showed gratitude to the association, which is aiding the university to fulfil its mission.

“Since its inception, the university has had a mission to serve youth and offer them an education that helps them become good citizens for the benefit of society, and your support helps us continue to do that,” said LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra at the ceremony.

In addition to offering resources to youth, the association helps scout students who have the potential to succeed at LAU.

“This scholarship not only pours in financial aid money to LAU, but serves in recruitment of students as the association receives applications for support and filters the best students with highest needs and guides them as to their choice of university and major,” explained LAU Director of Development Lana Abou Teen, who facilitated the scholarship agreement. 

Eligible candidates for the Association for Specialization and Scientific Guidance Designated Scholarship will be jointly identified and chosen by ASSG and LAU. For more information, please refer to the LAU Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.