Giving to LAU


From Curiosity to Expertise, an LAU Student’s Journey

Carla Ghanem spent much of her youth in her family’s village, Al-Warhanieh, where her uncle was the only person in the area to own a computer. Ghanem was fascinated by it, marking the beginning of her love and curiosity of data processors.  

“At a young age, I was aware that I wanted to learn how to come up with solutions using technology, to dig deeper in software and how these machines work,” she reflects.

Her enthusiasm for technology led her to explore and experiment with any data processor she could get her hands on in her town – from smartphones and tablets to laptops and PCs. Her passion later landed her a job at a local phone shop in her village, where she was able to better apply her self-taught knowledge.

Now, in the second year of her BE in Computer Engineering program at LAU, Ghanem looks forward to graduating in 2022 with the tools she needs to continue to thrive in the field – thanks to the financial support of LAU’s loyal supporters.

“LAU has given me unmatched opportunities in my field, with its highly skilled instructors, advanced technology, and valuable workshops, all of which have helped me further build my software and hardware skills,” says Ghanem, who is a recipient of the University Scholarship Program award (USP), which fully covers her tuition and expenses.

Taking full advantage of her educational experience, Ghanem balances her studies with an active extracurricular life. One of her favorite activities includes LAU’s branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) club, an international non-profit organization dedicated to technological innovation and catering to the vast technical needs of students around the world. Through IEEE, she has had a chance to gain hands-on experience by solving problems and finding technical solutions for fellow students.

Beyond providing her with an extraordinary education, LAU has helped shape Ghanem’s personality and encouraged her to expand her life goals. “LAU has not only equipped me with software skills, but has also played a role in shaping my personality and preparing me for the competition of the real world,” explains Ghanem, who hopes to pursue a PhD in Data Analytics, and create her own startup.

Ghanem’s young fascination with data processors, supported by LAU’s curriculum, has allowed her to blossom into the passionate and driven computer engineering student that she is today. More importantly, her dreams have been upheld by the university’s generous donor community, who allow Ghanem, and students like her, to dream big and expand their horizons.

“My dreams have no bounds, thanks to LAU and the support it has given me. Now, the sky is my only limit,” she concludes.