Giving to LAU

Peter Taylor (B.S. 2015)

Having obtained a business degree with an emphasis in banking and finance from LAU in January 2015, Peter Taylor currently lives in both Boston and Beirut, splitting his time between the two cities. Six months ago he launched a performance drink called Vitamin 1, which he had been working on since his graduation.

He describes his LAU experience as a cherished one, and because of that he decided to give back in the form of scholarships for qualified applicants that simply need a financial push. His one message to students and alumni is the importance of giving back. “There are countless prospective students who are qualified for an LAU education but do not have the means to enroll. I urge people to spend money where it matters and not where it shows. Money should never stand in the way of someone receiving an education and eventually embarking on a career,” explains Taylor.

He is a strong believer in education equality for qualified students, and says that, “No student should be deprived of a college education simply because of their financial situation. I will continue giving back to LAU as long as I am in a position to do so.”