Giving to LAU

Gift Opportunities


LAU is committed to providing an excellent education based on ability, not ability to pay. As such, the university’s scholarship and financial aid program — which distributed a total of $50 million in aid during the 2019 academic year — is a fundamental part of the university and so too are its efforts to secure funds for this worthy cause. 

Indeed, it is the generous support from benefactors that ensures that the university has the resources to provide scholarships and financial aid to students who need it most, which is growing each year. In fact, in the 2019 academic year, more than 65 percent of LAU’s 8,500 student population received some form of scholarship, work/aid grant or loan, enabling the most talented students to enroll regardless of their financial circumstances. 

With needy students growing each semester — especially given the country’s economic and political crisis combined with the global COVID-19 pandemic — the university encourages its supporters to donate towards scholarships. If you want to provide better life opportunities to LAU students, please consider making a gift today. 

The following are named scholarship opportunities: 

To make a gift at this level, please send an email to or call +961 1 786 456 extension 1323 or 1986. You can also make the gift directly through a bank transfer and we will get in touch with you thereafter to finalize the naming of the scholarship fun.